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What are you doing with Eclipse right now?

I recently attended a conference session on the topic of getting user feedback. One of the key takeaways for me was that people lie about how they use software. It’s not that they’re trying to be misleading, it’s more that … Continue reading

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Some “So Far” Stats for Eclipse Luna

I’m working out some of the queries that I’m going run to gather some stats for the Eclipse Luna release on June 25/2014. I’m starting with the Git repositories. The Git query is relatively simple, taking all commits that have … Continue reading

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More names for Eclipse

I regularly receive requests for quotes from purchasing agents for Eclipse software. In almost every case, they’re looking for an Eclipse-based IDE, but don’t quite know what to call it. Today’s gems are: Eclipse CDT Juno Eclipse Eclipse 352 Eclipse … Continue reading

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Screen Capture: Data Tools

Here’s a quick video of the Eclipse Data Tools in action. From an “SQL Scrapbook” page, you can quickly run and see the result of SQL statements. Configuration: Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers (Luna M6) Data Tools Platform Extender … Continue reading

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Automatically-Generated Bug Lists for Releases

Last week we added a new feature to the Eclipse Project Management Infrastructure: we automatically generate a bug list for each release. The bug list is generated by matching the “target milestones” from Bugzilla to the name of the release record. … Continue reading

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Welcome Richard

I’m very happy to introduce the Eclipse Foundation’s newest staff member, Richard Burcher. Richard will be helping me with “project stuff”. If you take a quick look at Richard’s blog or Twitter feed, you’ll notice that he’s got a an … Continue reading

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Add Java 8 support to Eclipse Kepler

Want to add Java 8 support to Kepler? Java 8 has not yet landed in our standard download packages. But you can add it to your existing Eclipse Kepler package. I’ve got three different Eclipse installations running Java 8: A … Continue reading

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