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Open Source Project Activity at the Eclipse Foundation

This is a pretty big week for reviews. According to the Eclipse Development Process (EDP), Eclipse open source projects are required to engage in reviews at key points in their lifecycle. This starts with the creation review, but most reviews … Continue reading

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PMI Facelift

The Project Management Infrastructure (PMI) is still, frankly, a little too ugly for my liking. A proper facelift with the help of a graphics designer and somebody who knows a thing or two about designing websites is still required (and … Continue reading

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So the Dash backend process is running. Again. In fact, it’s run to completion once already. Dash is the Eclipse Foundation service that provides commit data. Dash is used when we IP Logs, show graphs on project pages, and for … Continue reading

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Eclipse at GitHub

Almost all Eclipse Git repositories are mirrored at GitHub. The mirrors were initially set up two years ago by the nice folks at GitHub with relatively little input from us. I provided a simple script–which lists all of our repositories … Continue reading

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Rolling out the new Project Management Infrastructure

I’ll admit that a really big part of me wanted to see who would notice. Last week, I relatively quietly changed how we represent project metadata by switching parts of the Eclipse projects website and the corresponding elements in the … Continue reading

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Managing Committers in the Project Management Infrastructure

I’ve been struggling for a while to think of a good way to implement committer management in the new project management infrastructure. Here’s an example of what we have in the Developer Portal today: This component lists each committer with … Continue reading

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Transparent and Open

The term “open and transparent” rolls off your tongue. While somewhat more cumbersome to say, I tend to prefer reversing the order: “transparent and open”. I prefer this because I believe that transparent precedes open; and far more open source … Continue reading

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The Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure

Creating an Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) at Eclipse has been one of our holy grail pursuits over the years. My main goal in this effort has been to get Eclipse committers out of the build business so that more time … Continue reading

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Releases, Plans, and Reviews

Beware the IDEs of March. For each release, an Eclipse project is required to provide a project plan. The project plan is created at the beginning of a release cycle and may be modified throughout the cycle. The plan tells … Continue reading

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Releases, Plans, and Reviews

Nathan and I have been working on a new Project Management Infrastructure for the Eclipse Foundation. Some think of it as a replacement for the current Developer Portal. I see it as more than that. There are many aspects of … Continue reading

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