Who is using SWT?

If you’re using RCP or even Eclipse itself, you’re using SWT. So… who’s using SWT? Lots of folks are. Ian Skerrett gave some examples of folks using RCP (and SWT by extension) in an blog entry several months back.

If you’re using RCP/Eclipse, you’ve also been using Eclipse’s OSGi implementation. You can find out more about what Eclipse is doing with OSGi by visiting the Equinox project page.

[Updated Sept. 20/05 to fix misspelling of Ian’s last name. Yikes and apologies…]

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3 Responses to Who is using SWT?

  1. Ian Skerrett says:

    hey, it is Skerrett not Skerrit 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    Wayne, can you send me email, I need to talk to you about a variety of stuff ie. Germany 🙂 and explain some of the Eclipse RCP work I have been doing over the last 18 months and more importantly the new Websphere Everyplace Deployment v6.0 stuff that extends J2EE into RCP. Just want to understand what you are doing in this space. Did you ever see the insurance demo ? Matt Perrinsmatthew_perrins@uk.ibm.com

  3. Wayne says:

    Sorry Ian. There’s no excuse for getting your name wrong. Bad form.

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