Keeping track of bugzilla

Here’s something that’s pretty cool…

If you want to keep up with what a team’s doing, you can listen in on their bug reports (and responses to the reports). Effectively, you can listen in to the emails that result from bug reports being created and responded to.

Do this, first log into bugzilla, and click on the “Change password or user preferences” link. Once there, click on “Email settings”. On this page, there is an entry field labeled “Users to watch:”; enter a list of comma-separated email addresses here. The next big question has to be: what email addresses?

I started off by listening in on Platform-UI-Inbox and equinox.framework-inbox (tack an “” to the end of these). I got these addresses by listing the bugs associated with the projects I’m interested in and simply observing the email addresses to which the bugs are assigned. Some projects (like these two) always send the bug notification to the “project inbox” and copy the message to team members. Unfortunately, not all projects do this and some deeper investigation may be necessary. I’ve recently added jst.ejb-inbox (also suffixed with “”) to the list. I figured out this address by submitting a bug (112555) and observing the list of recipients shown on the acknowledgement screen.

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