PHPEclipse 1.1.7 and WTP 0.7.1

I updated WTP to version 0.7.1 today and something curious happened: the option to edit HTML files using the HTML editor disappeared. Strange, I thought. When I reverted back to WTP 0.7, the ability returned.

I created a completely new and separate installation of Eclipse 3.1.1 to verify the problem. After loading WTP 0.7.1, everything worked as expected (I could open the HTML editor). However, after I loaded PHPEclipse 1.1.7, the ability to open the HTML editor disappeared again. I’ve raised bug #1336929 against PHPEclipse to address the problem.

In the meantime, I can still edit HTML files using the PHPEditor which seems–so far–to work fine. Using the PHPEditor has the added benefit of automagically updating the PHP Browser view (to preview the page) whenever I save.

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  1. Joe Winchester says:

    Hi Wayne,Got nothing to do with PHP or WTP – just wanted to apologize for blogging you incorrectly as an ex OTI person. I knew you’d been at Carleton and ObjectPeople, and I think in a bar one night talking to Alan Knight I sort of recall you were an OTIer, but my memory is bad and I should have checked beore libelling you. Can’t find an e-mail address to apologize so thought I’d just spam your blog instead with my humble “sorry” note. Joe Winchester

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