JavaPolis 2005

Eclipse is going to be at JavaPolis in Antwerp, Belgium in December. I’m really excited about this conference for a few reasons. To start, I’ve never been to Belgium. I’ve been close a few times, but I’ve never actually been in the country. I love Europe so I jump on just about any chance I get to visit (I even lived there for a while). But I’m more excited about the programme we’re lining up.

At JavaPolis this year, there is going to be an Eclipse In Action day (Tuesday, December 13th). We’ve got an auditorium to ourselves and we’ve lined up some great talks. We’re still putting the finishing nails into the agenda, but suffice to say that it’s going to be pretty cool. I’ll update my loyal readers (all four of you) when we’ve got everything settled. I can say that we’re wrapping up the day with a discussion of Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP).

We’re also setting up a “Plug-in Bazaar” (Monday, December 12th). Essentially, we’re setting up a room with space and tables for folks to show off their plug-ins. We’ll also have a projector setup so that that a few folks can present their plug-ins to the broader audience. We’re hoping that a few folks will also use the bazaar as an opportunity to spend some face-to-face time with folks they don’t get to see as often as they might like.

But wait… there’s more. We’ve set up a BoF on Monday, December 12th at 1930h to discuss Eclipse Rich Client Platform. We intend to keep the presentation portion of this BoF to a minimum and turn it more into a discussion than a lecture (the way it should be).

We’re going to be giving away some books during the conference. A lot of books, including Jeff McAffer and Jean-Michel Lemieux’s Eclipse Rich Client Platform: Designing, Coding, and Packaging Java Applications.

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