The Eclipse Data Centre

Denis took me down to the data centre today to have a gander at the Eclipse server rack. It’s pretty impressive (a little slice of nerd heaven). The rack is very well organized with all the cables neatly ordered. It’s all very well thought out and implemented.

We were in the data centre because we had some new power added and Denis wanted to move some of the servers over the to the circuit. While we were there, he checked to make sure that we aren’t drawing too much power from any single circuit and that nothing is overheating (I do love those heat tester gizmos).

Of course, back and the office, he maintains a diagram of the configuration with all the heat and power consumption stats kept up to date.

We don’t say nearly enough about how great a job that Denis does.

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3 Responses to The Eclipse Data Centre

  1. Gunnar says:

    Uhmm. No pictures? 😦

  2. Wayne says:

    Uh… they didn’t allow cameras at the site. Yeah… that’s it… no cameras…

  3. Denis Roy says:

    Thanks, Wayne. is a complex site that requires top-notch hardware and a lot of Tender Loving Care.Actually, you are right: they don’t allow cameras in the Data Center. Gunnar, just close your eyes, imagine a 6’5″ cabinet filled with servers with blinking lights. Nothing special.

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