Evangelise this!

I think we can probably all agree that 18 pictures of me putting on the shirt is a little much. However, I think this pretty effectively closes bug# 112631. I am a little concerned that my hair looks just a little goofy; but hopefully that’s more a function of being overly critical of one’s own appearance. I’m sure that someone will let me know if I am mistaken…

Of all the pictures, I believe that this shows me in the most evangelical pose (it’s the favourite of Jörg von Frantzius). Taking the picture in front a map of a huge chunk of the world was a brilliant idea (not mine) as it gives some clue of our goals.

Anyway… I intend to wear the shirt to this year’s Polar Bear Dip. If you’re in Ottawa on January 1st and feel like taking a swim, you can join in too!

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1 Response to Evangelise this!

  1. marisi says:

    Well, i don’t care since i don’t want being a slave to fashion 🙂 It looks good. Err.. i mean the “Splash”, not the fashion 🙂

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