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More code templates in Eclipse

How about this… Start typing the name of a method (where a method should go). Don’t worry about the return type or anything else, just the name. Hit ctrl-space. Eclipse will offer to build a new private method with that … Continue reading

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Code Template Expansion in Eclipse

Eclipse is great for lazy folks like me. By typing just a few keystrokes and hitting “ctrl-space”, Eclipse will generate a lot of code for you. For example, if you open a Java editor, move your cursor to a blank … Continue reading

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Finally… a home for presentations, code, and other stuff…

I’ve made a new page on for evangelism-related stuff. Included there are presentations from events (including the Eclipse in Motion seminar), source code (so far, I’ve only posted the code for a that eBay RCP application I keep droning … Continue reading

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LinuxWorld Boston 2006

I sent in my talk for LinuxWorld Boston 2006 on Friday. Friday was the deadline and I do try to take deadlines seriously. As you can see from the fancy graphic on the left, the conference is in the beginning … Continue reading

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Image View plugin

I do all of my editing of the pages on (including editing articles for Eclipse Corner) using Eclipse Web Tools. I personally don’t mind looking at HTML, and the HTML editor provided with Web Tools is top-notch (a lot … Continue reading

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The Eclipse Tabbed Properties View

Last night, I posted Anthony Hunter’s new “The Eclipse Tabbed Properties View” article on Eclipse Corner. In this article, Anthony describes the API for building (oddly enough) tabbed properties views. The article gives several examples of uses of tabbed properties, … Continue reading

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How could I have forgotten about Stuttgart?

I blogged yesterday about BostonEDGE. But EDGE is not the first Eclipse group that I’ve heard of; there are others, including an Eclipse SIG that’s part of the Stuttgart Java User Group. They have regular meetings and invite great speakers … Continue reading

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It just occurred to me that one of the biggest inhibitors for folks getting together to talk about Eclipse has got to be the acronym. Who wants to go to an EUG (Eclipse Users Group)? It sounds a little like … Continue reading

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Eclipse in Motion: San Diego and Dallas Debrief

We wrapped up the first leg of our Eclipse in Motion roadshow last week with stops in San Diego (Tuesday) and Dallas (Thursday). I had a great time and I’m pretty sure everybody who attended did. One thing that I’ve … Continue reading

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Eclipse RCP Tutorials Updated

Ed has updated his Eclipse RCP tutorial series to reflect changes in Eclipse 3.1.2. If you’re getting started with RCP, start here.

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