Eclipse Installed

How neat-o keen, golly-gee whiz is this?

Be sure to get your “Eclipse installed” sticker from your favourite Eclipse Foundation staffer. Coming soon to a conference or seminar near you.

The folks attending the Eclipse in Motion seminars will be the first large-ish group to get these very exclusive stickers for the low, low cost of absolutely free.

Before you can get one of these babies, you’re going to have to prove to us that Eclipse is installed on your laptop/workstation. Of course, statistically speaking, it’s almost certain that you do…

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2 Responses to Eclipse Installed

  1. zx says:

    I’m all over that.I need about 3 of those.

  2. zx says:

    Actually, I may want to jack more if you guys don’t mind.I’m flying back to UCLA on the 17th to meet some students who I’m mentoring on Eclipse-based projects. Having a few to give to them to spread their Eclipse love on campus would be great.

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