Eclipse in Motion: San Diego

I had lunch the other day with Doug Pollock and John Arthorne; Doug and John are joining me in coaching the upcoming code camps that we’re running during the Eclipse in Motion tour and we met to discuss how we’re going to run the camps (both John and Doug work a short distance away from the mammoth Eclipse Foundation Corporate Headquarters Building in sunny Ottawa). Doug will be joining us in Dallas on February 9th and John will be joining the tour in Atlanta on March 2nd. I couldn’t be more confident; jumping into these code camps with support from great minds like John and Doug should make my job easy. All I have to do is look smart. These guys just plain are smart. And experienced with Eclipse.

In fact, all of the committers we have joining us for the code camps are pretty experienced. Some of them work on the Eclipse project and are long time contributors. According to bugzilla, John has contributed comments to some 4,855 bugs, including a comment on bug #2 in October 2001. The point being that he has been around Eclipse for a long time [I’m not providing a link to all the bugs that John has commented on because it appears to put a lot of strain on Bugzilla]. Doug has also contributed comments to a staggering number of bugs (2,656).

These guys know the Eclipse platform as well as anybody. And so do the other contributors who are attending.

If you’re attending in Atlanta, be sure to bring your copy of Eclipse 3.0 FAQs for John to sign!

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6 Responses to Eclipse in Motion: San Diego

  1. zx says:

    Hah, I was about an inch away from getting sent to Toronto for ISSW. I was considering visiting the Eclipse HQ of grandeur.Next time :)Any more details on the code camps?

  2. Wayne says:

    Trying to visit us in Toronto will leave you scratching your head. We’re in Ottawa which is about 4.5 hours drive east and north of Toronto Lab in Markham.

  3. zx says:

    Well then, my Canadian geography stands corrected 😦

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