It just occurred to me that one of the biggest inhibitors for folks getting together to talk about Eclipse has got to be the acronym. Who wants to go to an EUG (Eclipse Users Group)? It sounds a little like one of the grunts Tim Allen does in his stand up routine. Come to think of it, Tim Allen has made a pretty healthy career out of making grunting noises, so maybe EUG isn’t all that bad after all…

Anyway, I’m guessing that the good folks in Boston didn’t want to be grunting while talking about the great stuff they discussed the night before with their colleagues back at the office the next day, because they came up with a much cooler name. The Boston Eclipse Developers Group, or Boston EDGE has a very cool name. For me, the name immediately elicits the memory of Bono on the live Under a Blood Red Sky LP yelling “This is the Edge” (right before Edge screws up a guitar solo). In my books, anything that brings up memories that have anything to do with U2 is pretty cool. But I digress.

They’re pretty well organized and get some good speakers. Mike and I are talking with the organizers about getting down there ourselves to speak at some future date.

If you’re in Boston, you should check them out.

I know that there’s a few of you out there… if you know about an Eclipse group, please let us know. Especially if you need/want a speaker.

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1 Response to EUG?

  1. zx says:

    Man, I blogged about this whole EUG / ELUG thing awhile ago, no dice. I like the name EDGE.I actually got invited about 3 days ago by EDGE to talk about ECF.I think pushing the whole concept of EDGEs would be a better step and could be part of the whole SpreadEclipse effort.

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