How could I have forgotten about Stuttgart?

I blogged yesterday about BostonEDGE. But EDGE is not the first Eclipse group that I’ve heard of; there are others, including an Eclipse SIG that’s part of the Stuttgart Java User Group. They have regular meetings and invite great speakers including the foundation’s own Bjorn Freeman-Benson and other luminaries from the Eclipse community like Frank Gerhardt, and Boris Bokowski.

I’m going to speak there as well, just as soon as I can think of another good reason to go to Germany (one great reason isn’t enough to justify the cost of the trip; I need at least two). I’m really looking forward to the opportunity.

As Chris pointed out in comments to my blog yesterday, there is a new community-driven movement developing to spread the word about Eclipse. Oddly enough, it’s named SpreadEclipse (inspired by SpreadFireFox). The website isn’t up yet, but it’s coming. Pay attention to this space. And… if you’re a believer, contribute!

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