The Eclipse Tabbed Properties View

Last night, I posted Anthony Hunter’s new “The Eclipse Tabbed Properties View” article on Eclipse Corner. In this article, Anthony describes the API for building (oddly enough) tabbed properties views. The article gives several examples of uses of tabbed properties, including the following (from the Eclipse GMF 1.0M4):

A tabbed properties view is pretty attractive when compared against the more traditional table-style properties view we’re all used to.

I hope you enjoy it.

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4 Responses to The Eclipse Tabbed Properties View

  1. Eugene Kuleshov says:

    Can I have an option to see old-style properties even if developr wanted to force me to use mouse with this chaotic piece of UI? This thing really worried me because of number of usability issues.

  2. zx says:

    If you click the advanced tab, you will see the old-school properties view.I think this improves usability imho, but each to his own.

  3. Eugene Kuleshov says:

    Umm… click? I was hoping to have this disabled globally. 😦

  4. Wayne says:

    Well… that would be some important feedback for the development team. Perhaps you should make a bug report stating your concerns.

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