Got a PHB who needs to know–in non-technical terms–why you should be adopting RCP? Jeff has made the forward from the Eclipse Rich Client Platform book available. In it, Jeff Norris from NASA explains how his organization benefitted from RCP.

It’s available here (in PDF format).

And by-the-way… I use the term PHB in an endearing way.

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1 Response to RCP for PHB

  1. snapp_action says:

    Wow, it’s like you were reading my mind. In the next version of our product here at work, I saw a great opportunity to introduce eclipse as a framework for us to build on. After I did a demo of our GUI everybody was astounded, until I mentioned that it was Java. My boss said, “If it was .NET, I’d say let’s do it, but I’m worried about X” after which I heard all the misinformation people have about Java. You see we are a Microsoft shop, which is too bad because for some people that closes them off to the bigger picture of what we are trying to accomplish. I will definately forward this article to my boss. *fingers crossed*

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