Goin’ to California…

I’m getting read to fly out to Santa Clara on Sunday for EclipseCon 2006. This will actually be my first EclipseCon. I never did get a chance to attend in my previous job, but now that I’m the Eclipse Evangelist, attending comes as part of the job. I’ve attended dozens of conferences before, but I have to say that I’m way more excited about this one than any other conference I can remember. Really.

Bjorn and I chatted a few days ago about some conference things that are important to us. One of the things that we both decided feels like a tiny detail, but is really important is the readability of name badges. Bjorn informed me that names should be really easy to read as they’re (apparently) using the largest font size available. This means that I’ll be really easy to find: just seek out the loudest and most obnoxious thing in the room, and confirm that he’s wearing a badge with my name on it. If you can’t see the badge, I’m the one who looks like a young Pierce Brosnan.

There’s lots of good reasons to hunt me down at EclipseCon. To start, I want to talk with you about all the exciting stuff you’re doing with Eclipse. I speak at lots of conferences, user groups, and company picnics (I’m still working on the last one) and having great real-life stories about Eclipse to relate to folks goes a long way.

More pragmatically, however, you’ll want to talk to me if you want to host a BoF session. Yessir, Bjorn foolishly gave me power. And I intend to use it. More seriously, if you do want to host a BoF, there’ll be sign up forms at the conference. Find a form, fill it in, and post it on the sign-up board. If you’re interested in attending a BoF, make sure that you review the sign-up board and put your name down. I’ll be basing room assignments on the number of folks who intend to attend.

You’re welcome to try, but I can’t be bribed with beer. See you at the conference.

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1 Response to Goin’ to California…

  1. Doug Porter says:

    I agree completely about the name badges. Went to my first JavaOne last year. I couldn’t even read my own name badge, and I was the one wearing it. There should be three things on the badges in decreasing size. Name, City/State, Company. And they should all be readable from a couple of feet away.I went to a Sybase conference the year before JavaOne, and they got all of those things absolutely right. This caused many wonderful conversations and connections that might not have happened to come to pass. Those things give people some way to immediately strike up a conversation and connect with a complete stranger.

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