Post it again. But bigger…

I’m surprised by the number of people who have asked for a higher resolution image of the “Eclipse Legal Process” poster that I blogged about yesterday (only two commenters on the blog, but I’ve been approached more directly by others). Okay, I’ll level with you… I’m surprised that anybody asked, and techically 3 is a number…

Have no fear, we will post this in PDF form on Bjorn or I will blog when it’s available.

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2 Responses to Post it again. But bigger…

  1. Bjorn Freeman-Benson says:

    It’s already posted. Go here and click on right “Useful Links” menu item “IP Process Flowchart”. (I’m not posting the actual URL because the actual URL includes the version number and the version number is going to rev.)

  2. Julia says:

    I went and tried to follow through the diagram, but the text did get hard to read and eventually gave up after following it all the way to the end going one route.Remember my comment about laziness? Yeah, I was too lazy to request it in a bigger size, although I considered it. Didn’t want to impose. :)Oh the PDF is WONDERFUL! I can zoom in to 300% and it’s nice and crisp. Hooray for a vectored version!

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