RCP and Angelina Jolie

In keeping with the Angelina Jolie theme established by Joel earlier in the week, I incorporated images of her and her beau in my short talk today. I tried to work in some Lynard Skynard, but could figure out how while keeping myself under the allowed nine minutes.

My demonstration during the talk was live, against real data. I showed how I use Eclipse Monkey to bring together components to browse images from flickr. In the process of the demo, I did a search on “jolie” and came up with the image shown below. It got a big laugh. Especially from me, because it was completely unplanned.

Ah… the wonders of the live demo.

The point of my talk was that RCP rocks for many reasons, but one of the bigger reasons is the component model and the fact that you can build very powerful, highly integrated applications with loosely coupled components. My example application is hardly “very powerful”, but I only had nine minutes. Each of the components I used is completely decoupled from all the others; a bit of JavaScript pulls everything together.

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