What is a "great bug"?

So far, there’s three great bugs nominated by Eclipse developers (at least there are three at this point). I don’t imagine that one of them (132773) is going to get past the PMC (I’m a little distressed that it’s assigned to me), but two is a pretty good start.

Not sure what constitutes a great bug? Take a look at the list and see for yourself some examples of what the developers think are great bugs. Roughly speaking, we’re looking for bugs that affect one of the ten Callisto projects that ideally has something to do with the integration of two or more different projects. So if you discover a juicy bug in TPTP while profiling a web application that you’re testing with Web Tools, you should report it.

Heck, given the low volume of great bugs so far, you’d probably just do well to just mention that you have another project loaded in your environment when you encounter a bug…

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