Callisto wallpaper

Inspired by my first attempts at making Eclipse wallpaper, I’ve now created a Callisto one. It’s available in the following sizes: 1400×1050, 1280×1024, and 1024×768. You can download these beauties from the evangelism page.

On the topic of Callisto… our first date in the Callisto “Great Bugs” competition is quickly approaching. If you’re sitting on a great bug, now would be a great time to enter it (as it sits, your chances of winning an iPod are quite good).

Bjorn, Anne, Ward, and I discussed what constitutes a great bug today. Personally, I think a great bug is one that adds value to the product. Bjorn’s initial opinion was that a great bug report had to contain lots of great detail so that the committer could quickly fix it without a lot of back and forth iteration between the reporter and the committer. Being the voice of reason, Ward argued that both opinions are probably correct. Anne–being new–was very patient and didn’t call us names. Not even once.

Become part of what is destined to become the Callisto Legend. Install Callisto today. Report your bugs. Eat your vegetables. Be the ball (I have no idea what this means). Remember that a committer has to nominate your bug; don’t cheat!

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One Response to Callisto wallpaper

  1. Doug Schaefer says:

    When Mike was showing it at the closing panel I immediately googled for the image and dropped it on my background. Now I’ve got one with the Eclipse branding. Most excellent!

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