What are the cool things in Callisto?

Callisto itself is pretty cool. Coordinating the release of ten separate Eclipse projects is no small undertaking and the project teams are doing a great job of it. But what’s cool about Callisto for you?

I have my own ideas. Many, many ideas. Too many in fact.

I’m curious to learn what you think is cool in Callisto. Granularity doesn’t matter. Is there some cool new feature in the JDT that’s going to make writing code easier for you? Something in the platform that you’re planning to add to your own plug-ins? Or is BIRT on track to shave hours of development out of your busy day? Is there something useful to you in EMF, GEF, or GMF? Do you figure that TPTP is going to make moving applications into production easier? What features of data tools or web tools are going to make it easier to come into work each morning? Is there something new in CDT or VE that will change how you work?

Let me know by adding your comments to this entry. Or you can email me if you can guess my email address (my name is “wayne” and I work at “eclipse.org”)!

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2 Responses to What are the cool things in Callisto?

  1. zx says:

    ❤ Encrypted Resources in EMF 😀

  2. Dominik says:

    I really like the cleanup-wizard in JDT. Refactoring undo/export is awesome aswell, along with improved refactoring options like leaving a deprecated delegate.

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