Up Swing in Summer of Code Proposals

We had an incredible jump in the number of student proposals for Eclipse projects in Google’s Summer of Code. On Saturday, we had 12 proposals. Today we have 77!

Many of the proposals are interesting. It seems that there is a disportionate number of people who are interested in providing printing support on Linux (only one of which has what appears to be an actual plan to make it happen). There are a couple of proposals for work done on the Mylar and CDT projects. There’s a couple of ego-strokers as well, including one proposing to add multiple fast view bars in an attempt to impress Erich Gamma (I certainly respect shameless pandering).

Sadly, there are only a couple of really creative proposals to build things that fall way off the beaten (Beaton?) path. My personal favourite is one for an Associative Memory Music Player, but there’s a little bias in that.

Unfortunately, a lot of students have just presented themselves with only a vague description of a project (and, in some cases, no project mentioned at all); you just can’t get through our rigorous vetting process by telling us that you’re “really, really smart. Really”.

One of things that impresses me is that a lot of the students seem to be aware that there are many projects going on in Eclipse; that is, they seem to understand that Eclipse is more than the IDE. There are proposals concerning Mylar, CDT, and ECF to name a few.

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5 Responses to Up Swing in Summer of Code Proposals

  1. jessica says:

    interesting post. —————if you were to choose, you would rather be:a. taxicabb. anythingc. pinoyd. a moviee. a rumor

  2. Wayne says:

    I’d rather be blogspam.

  3. Doug Schaefer says:

    I was hoping that the Eclipse Bar project would be, well, never mind…

  4. Wayne says:

    Unfortunately it’s too late to find a student and make them propose it…

  5. Jeroen says:

    Wayne… I must say that you’ve again been able to integrate the magic word. Tnx for the laugh. 🙂

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