Not quite at JavaOne yet…

I’m planning to be at JavaOne this week, just not all week. I spent a lot of time last week visiting folks in Europe and any plans of spending the following week in San Francisco would likely result in divorce papers being served. It’s just better this way for everybody (except the lawyers, I suppose).

I’m flying out to JavaOne on Thursday morning. I’m going to spend some time that afternoon working the Eclipse booth (#1138) with Ian. I’m planning to spend my time demonstrating Eclipse RCP, but expect that some folks will want to talk about other things.

On Thursday evening, I’m planning to attend the Jazz event at the W Hotel, 181 3rd Street (Great Room 1 & 2) hosted by Erich Gamma and John Wiegand. Unfortunately, I missed the event at EclipseCon. There was a lot of buzz and excitement around the event, so I consider this one of the “can’t miss” events of the show. I’ve been told that everyone is welcome and a JavaOne conference registration is not required.

My talk is on Friday at lunch. I believe that it is the last session. I remember that last time I delivered the last talk on the last day of a conference… the six of us had a grand time. I’ve been told that this isn’t typically the case at JavaOne. We’ll see.

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