Installing and using the Visual Editor

I was on a bit of a screen demo’ing roll and built this little demonstration of how you go about installing and using the Eclipse Visual Editor. Again, there’s no sound, so don’t bother increasing your volume or yelling at the kids to quiet down.

The demonstration starts from a running Eclipse Workbench (The Eclipse SDK RC4) and uses the Callisto Discovery Site to download and install the feature at a speed that will astound and amaze you. The demo wraps up with the construction of a Swing JFrame using a GridBagLayout.

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2 Responses to Installing and using the Visual Editor

  1. Jeff says:

    Man, you like using the property sheet 🙂 Next time you’re showing off the VE, you might want to use some of the more handy usability features, like setting the layout using the context menu on the container, setting the text of labels in place by double selecting it, and most especially fiddling with the GridbagConstraints using the Customize Layout dialog (on the toolbar or context menu). Also, you can pin open the palette by clicking the arrow at the top of it. Thanks for the doing the screencast!

  2. Vimal says:

    Cool intro to the Visual Editor! Best out there on the net! And believe me, I’ve been searching for something good like this for years! Maybe you can address some of Jeff’s ideas in a future screencast? Thanks!

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