Eclipse users as far as the eye could see…

The Server Side Java Symposium wrapped up in Barcelona today. I sat on a keynote panel this morning titled “2010: A Developer’s Odyssey”. The basic idea was for the panel members to muse about what the ideal development environment will look like in four years. There was a lot of talk about dynamic language support and future innovation in AST-based editing (as opposed to source-based editing). Riveting stuff.

At the beginning of the talk, the moderator asked the audience: “who uses Eclipse”. Almost everybody (out of a total of 250 or so people) put up their hands (it looked like everybody to me, but I assume that there were a few folks who didn’t put up their hands). Later in the discussion, he queried about other Java IDEs. There were a handful of folks who use IntelliJ IDEA, and that was about it.

Eclipse is everywhere.

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3 Responses to Eclipse users as far as the eye could see…

  1. Jeroen says:

    Wayne,Just something I was wondering about.Do you have any ideas about good Eclipse Application design? Not when it comes to the user visible parts. But more in the field of system design and such.I’ve done some googling, but I could come up with something comprehensive. Atleast to me it would be valuable to read some expert opinions on proper Eclipse design, and common solutions for common problems (RCP design patterns?).I think it would be a very interesting subject for a talk of some sort, especially when considering the market penetration Eclipse is having. Many people took the first steps on switching to Eclipse JDT, RCP is starting to show movement too. But that’s just my little opinion.

  2. Dave says:

    Come to my EclipseWorld talks. That’s exactly what I’m covering there.

  3. Jeroen says:

    I would if I could. See, it is some dutch guy talking here. But Dave’s remark did trigger something. Atleast I am making the suggestion to my employer to atleast consider sending me.

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