Totally customized Eclipse Experience, anyone?

Bjorn mentioned the Yoxos “Eclipse on Demand” service in his blog a few days ago. The good people at Innoopract are proud of this service. For good reason.

Today, I decided that I wanted a PHP development environment. I went to the “Eclipse on Demand” site. Here’s what it looks like:

The browser looks a lot like Eclipse itself (it’s amazing what you can do with AJAX). I entered “php” in the filter text which exposed two different PHP options (1). For no particular reason, I chose PHPeclipse (2). Yoxos automatically figured out the other parts I needed to make PHPeclipse work (3). Finally, I hit the “Download now” button (4). At this point, it assembled all the components together into a single download and provided me with a link to a single “ZIP” file which I downloaded, decompressed, and ran.

As expected, it works like a charm.

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One Response to Totally customized Eclipse Experience, anyone?

  1. zx says:

    I have to admit… it’s quite snazzy… however, what’s the line on what belongs on the web versus what belongs in a “rich” context?

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