Installing Eclipse

I decided to update the screen cam that demonstrates how to download and install Eclipse (I made the old one before the Eclipse 3.2 release). The new version replaces the old version, so the old link still works. I’ve decided to tinker with the screen size a little with this one; I changed my resolution to 800×600 to make sure that everything is easy to see. Of course, after playing in that resolution for a while, I can’t help but think about how huge 800×600 seemed 15 or so years ago and how small it feels now.

But anyways…

I’ve been helping Matt answer a few questions sent to concerning installation of the Eclipse SDK. The answer is almost always the same: download the ZIP file and decompress it using the software of your choice; then locate and double-click the “eclipse.exe” icon. Webmaster is probably not the right target for these sorts of questions (the newsgroups are a much better place to go), and we always try to provide a comment to that effect.

I’ve always loved the simplicity of installing Eclipse: no weird entries in the registry or files strewn about the place. But I understand how some folks can be confused by the lack of a proper installer. This is changing as some organizations are now offering distributions of Eclipse. I wrote about Yoxos a little while back. nexB offers EasyEclipse which provides numerous configurations of Eclipse, complete with double-clickable installers.

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2 Responses to Installing Eclipse

  1. Vineet says:

    link is broken…

  2. Wayne says:

    It’s fixed.

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