A couple of new Eclipse articles

We just posted a great new tutorial titled “Building Project Facets” by Konstantin Komissarchik of BEA Systems on Eclipse Corner. If you want to know what facets are, and how you can use them to extend the capabilities of the Web Tools Platform, this tutorial will set you straight.

I’ve also recently published an article, “Eclipse RCP: A Platform for Building Platforms” on ONJava. I excerpted bits of this article for my position paper for the Rich Client Applications Symposium at Eclipse Summit Europe.

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One Response to A couple of new Eclipse articles

  1. AlBlue says:

    The problem with the Building Project Facets article is that it seems highly coupled to WTP. It’s not even clear what a Facet is, until you read the article and realise that it’s some specific term.Can the title of the article be updated to be a bit more specific as to what a Facet actually is, so that people know what to expect when reading the article? E.g. Building WTP Project Facets, or something like that?

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