Callisto Great Bugs Grand Prize, Part One

We finally managed to synch up our schedules after a busy summer so that we could present John Arthorne with his award from the Callisto Great Bugs Competition. The competition was designed to encourage the community to provide great bug reports as part of the drive to the Callisto release of Eclipse. John’s name was selected in a random drawing from the names of all the committers who nominated great bugs. The original plan was to award one committer and one bug submitter (also randomly selected) with an Eclipse bike from Pecco’s Bike Shop in Ottawa. John, however is not a bike rider and instead opted to get a new Dell laptop computer. Here is a picture of John accepting his award (and affixing an “Eclipse Installed” sticker to it).

Anybody who has been paying attention will recognize John Arthorne as a long time Eclipse developer (he’s been with the Eclipse project from the beginning), co-author of “The Official Eclipse 3.0 FAQs“, frequent contributor to the Eclipse newsgroups, and a generally pleasant human being. Congratulations John, and thanks for all the hard work!

Channing Walton was our submitter winner; Channing did opt to take the Eclipse bike. Unfortunately, was impossible for Channing to pick up the bike at our office, so we mailed it to him in the UK. We’re still waiting for pictures of Channing enjoying his new ride…

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One Response to Callisto Great Bugs Grand Prize, Part One

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dell laptop!?John better watch for exploding batteries 😉

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