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Pair programming

I learned how to write software using pair programming and other practices that eventually became known as Extreme Programming. I have to admit that I really miss it as part of my everyday work; unfortunately, I don’t write software nearly … Continue reading

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Hooked up to the Eclipse Firehose

Hobel is having some trouble with Eclipse. In fact, he’s having so much trouble that he’s started a blog on the topic (eclipse-sucks). While I disagree with his position, he’s obviously having problems hooking himself into the Eclipse world. I’ve … Continue reading

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Funny you should ask

In a comment to a past blog entry, I was asked today about my Image Viewer plug-in (I blogged about it again here). Specifically, I was asked if the source would be made available. The funny-you-should-ask part is that just … Continue reading

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Use inferred grammar in the absence of DTD/Schema

I’ve been meaning to blog about this little feature for a while… The Eclipse Web Tools has a neat little feature in its XML editor. As is expected, if your XML file has a DTD or schema specified, content assist … Continue reading

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Displaying the console in your RCP application

This question has been asked on eclipse.newcomer a couple of times now, so I thought it might be worthwhile to put a response in the blogosphere. How do I display the System.out console in a view in my Eclipse RCP … Continue reading

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Introducing AJDT: The AspectJ Development Tools

Matt Chapman, AJDT Project Lead, has authored an excellent paper on using the Eclipse AspectJ Development Tools to develop code using AspectJ. It’s been published on Eclipse Corner Articles.

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If you join Eclipse, I’ll teach you my secret Ninja moves

I came across this on YouTube today and thought I’d share.

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