First Morning at Eclipse Summit Europe

Eclipse Summit Europe has started. The event is sold out and the capacity crowd seems to be enjoying the day. We started with a riveting keynote address by our fearless leader Mike before launching into the multiple tracks of talks. I attended the talks on Aperi and Buckminster in the first session (it was a split 20-minutes-each session), and the BIRT talk. I tried to get into the Dali and COSMOS talks, but the room was overflowing, so I decided not to squeeze somebody else out by squeezing myself in.

Here’s a shot of the main hall during the BIRT discussion…

This afternoon, I intend to attend the talks on RAP and Apogee. After that, I need to sort out what I’m going to do.

I spoke for a few minutes earlier today with Mark Weitzel of the COSMOS project. He’s pretty excited about the Bistro event on Thursday afternoon. We’re setting up discussion tables, each hosted by committers from the various projects. Mark’s going to host the COSMOS table. Since I couldn’t get into his talk, I’ll pick his brain then…

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