Apache Harmony and Eclipse

For kicks last night, I decided to see how well Apache Harmony could run Eclipse. The answer is “pretty well”.

The Eclipse platform itself runs very well. I edited a bunch of files, manipulated a bunch of resources, dabbled a bit with some properties and preferences, and just generally kicked things about. It all seemed to run rock solid.

I turned my attention to Java development. I made a Java project with a couple of classes and everything compiled just fine (so the JDT seems to work). I can run the application, but so far, I haven’t been able to get the debugger to work.

From what I can tell (and I am no expert in this area), it seems that JDWP—which Eclipse needs to debug a JVM—hasn’t been implemented yet; though there is a contribution in the bug tracking system that will hopefully resolve this soon (if I read the bug correctly, the contribution has been accepted, but hasn’t made it into their build system yet).

I can debug a Java application running on a different JVM from Eclipse running on Harmony. The debugger running on Harmony works just fine.

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1 Response to Apache Harmony and Eclipse

  1. Geir Magnusson Jr says:

    We do have jdwp in in our new /jdktools subproject, but it’s in the midst of final tweaks – you should see this stuff in our next snapshot. Why it’s not perfect, we have it, so you should be able to use it Real Soon Now.Thanks for trying it out :)geir

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