It’s been almost two decades since I’ve written anything in FORTRAN. And to be honest, that something was a single program and I can’t quite remember what it was (I think it might have been an expert system I named “Electric Monk“, but I can’t be certain).

I’ve known about Eclipse support for FORTRAN for a while, but haven’t thought very hard about it until I was sent this screenshot:
This screenshot shows the Eclipse Photran project running on Red Flag Linux.

The Photran project is concerned with providing a FORTRAN IDE based on the CDT. The project is vibrant with an active mailing list and lots of CVS activity. It’s currently available for Eclipse 3.2 supporting syntax highlighting, building (using make), debugging, and more.

Guanglin Du, Senior Engineer for the Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development in China, sent me the screenshot; I’ve added it to the Eclipse Screenshots page.

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