EclipseCon 2007 Programme Selection

The EclipseCon programme selection process is an open and transparent process. It is. Really. It says so on the website:

The selection is done in an open and transparent way using the Eclipse open source project rules. Specifically, all submission is done through a modified Bugzilla system (hereafter known as Eclipsezilla). Anyone in the community (including you) is welcome to review the submissions, ask for more information, provide comments and critiques – just as anyone in community is invited and encouraged to do for Eclipse bugs and features.

As a member of the Technology PMC, it’s my job—along with the rest of the PMC—to select the talks, panels, etc. that will be presented in the "Technology and Scripting" track. In theory, the "open and transparent" part means that we use the input provided by the community in our selection process. I say "in theory" because community input has been scant (at least in the technology track). Without community input, we have to pick the talks that we believe are most appropriate for the conference.

So this is a call for help. We need your input. Proposals are entered in a bugzilla instance (EclipseZilla). Existing "Technology and Scripting" panel and short talk proposals are here. Please add your comments and votes. To be totally frank, your comments are far more valuable to us. Even just +1/-1 comments. Also, feel free to make recommendations for changes to talks if you think it’s appropriate. It’s getting a little late for panels, but it’s a good time to get involved with the short talks (there’s a few entered already).

Of course, there’s other tracks that will benefit from your input as well…

Short talk proposals are due January 15th. If you’re thinking about submitting a proposal, time’s getting short…

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3 Responses to EclipseCon 2007 Programme Selection

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wayne, are there plans for a Eclipse in Motion 2007? I caught the roadshow in Raleigh, NC last year and I was looking forward to the opportunity to attend again. Unfortunately, there’s no chance my company will ante up for a trip to EclipseCon.

  2. Wayne says:

    Unfortunately no. However, EclipseWorld is in VA this year.

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