EclipseCon 2007 BoFs

We’ve decided to change things a bit this year with respect to BoF sessions at EclipseCon. In past years, we’ve arranged BoFs on-the-fly while at the conference. Your feedback has let us know that this isn’t what you might call “totally optimal”.

Anyway… this year, we’re scheduling them in advance. At least we’re going to schedule as many of them as possible in advance. If space remains, we may schedule a few last minutes while we’re all at the conference.

So… if you’d like to propose a BoF, please do so using the EclipseZilla system. If you’d like to specify a particular date/time/room, please do so in a comment on the record.

If you’d like to see the currently accepted BoFs, look here. If you’d like to attend a BoF, please add your comments (even just a +1 would be great) to the record and we’ll use the comments to gauge interest (which will help us to determine an appropriate room size).

We’re prioritizing BoFs by accepting and scheduling only those proposals made by Eclipse projects (at most one-per-project) until February 9th; after that, we’re scheduling them on a first-come-first-served basis. Actually, that’s not totally true: BoFs will be scheduled based on interest, so make sure that you make your community aware of the BoF proposal and get them to add their “I’m coming” +1 comments.

For those of you who have already been scheduled, let us know (with a comment on your EclipseZilla record) if you think we’ve misscheduled your session. We’ll see what we can do.

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One Response to EclipseCon 2007 BoFs

  1. Bull says:

    Here is a link to BoFs that have been proposed (but not yet accepted). Proposed BoFs. Please vote on these too. 🙂

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