Wrestling with DocBook

Today, I spend some quality time getting friendly with DocBook and CSS. More specifically, I spent time tuning an XSL stylesheet to customize the way that Eclipse Corner DocBook-structured documents are rendered, and a CSS to customize the way that they’re displayed. In the grand scheme of things, I rate the enjoyment that I get from this sort of activity somewhere below going to the dentist.

However, I think it’s worth it. Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon the new format that I’ve been tinkering with for Eclipse Corner. I’ve only managed to switch over a few of the documents. Tweaking the XSL for DocBook will allow me to move over a bunch of them pretty much in one grand swoop. Thus, while I quite hate fiddling around with XSL documents, the power that keeping the content separate from the presentation provides is appealing.

If you’ve seen Unleashing the Power of Refactoring, then you’ve seen the new format. Like it?

Lawrence and Chris: we’re going to have to update the Authoring with Eclipse article!

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2 Responses to Wrestling with DocBook

  1. Lawrence Mandel says:

    Wayne, nice work on the visual update for the article! Assuming I can find some spare time I’d be happy to update the article to help promote this effort.Way to keep the ball rolling.

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