Jiggling the BoF schedule

Scheduling is hard.

I have developed an incredibly deep respect for Richard Gronback. I guess I already had a lot of respect for him anyway, what with the Modeling Project and the GMF thing and all… Scheduling 33 BoFs is hard work. Scheduling 200 sessions must drive you to the brink of insantity.

Unfortunately, I managed to overlap a few BoF presenters in my first crack at the schedule. I believe that I’ve managed to work it out. Still, I imagine that there are other overlaps that need to be dealt with. I know that there is some effort underway to merge a couple of the BoFs which will clear up some space, and hopefully make the sessions a little more lively.

Also unfortunate is the fact that, in the process of rejigging the schedule, I’ve managed to make quite a few open slots on Monday night. I had hoped to leave slots open later in the week, so that we can schedule last-minute BoFs as necessary. I may wind up moving a few of the BoFs from Wednesday night to Monday.

I’m not sure if the BoF schedule made it into the printed materials. If they did, I’m really sorry, Bjorn. Really.

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