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Eclipse in Education, GILD, Zest, and TagSEA

Dr. Margarent-Anne (Peggy) Storey is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Victoria. In this podcast, Peggy discusses GILD, the IDE based on Eclipse developed at the University of Victoria to introduce new students to software development. She … Continue reading

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Eclipse is Faster

I’m up to #6 in the “Ten Reasons to Use Eclipse” posted by Renaud Waldura sometime in late 2002/early 2003. Since I’m crossing the halfway mark, I thought I mightlay out the previous reaons five for your review. Eclipse is … Continue reading

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Mik Kersten discusses Mylar

In this podcast recorded at EclipseCon 2007, Mik Kersten discusses how a bout with repetitive strain injury (RSI) motivated the creation of Mylar. He also provides some insight into how Mylar was/is built and integration of Mylar with Java (JDT) … Continue reading

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Show Logical Structure

I love how I continue to discover new things in Eclipse. A few days ago, I stumbled upon “Show Logical Structure” . This is a feature that has been around since the 3.1 days (I believe it was introduced with … Continue reading

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We need help for Summer of Code

We need help with the Google Summer of Code. Desperately. We have almost 100 proposals submitted and we’re desperately short on mentors. If you’re interested in being a Google Summer of Code Eclipse mentor, please let me know (wayne at … Continue reading

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Benjamin Pasero discusses RSSOwl 2.0

I just posted a new podcast. In this podcast, Benjamin Pasero, technical lead on the RSSOwl 1.0 project and self-described “significant contributor” to the RSSOwl 2.0 project discusses—among other things—the decision to adopt Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) as a … Continue reading


Podcast: Eclipse Ajax Toolkit Framework

I spoke with Bob Goodman, Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF) Project Lead, at EclipseCon about the ATF project. During this conversation, Bob told me about all the great features alredy available in ATF and spent some time looking into the future. … Continue reading

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Google Summer of Code: Do it now

The student application deadline is approaching quickly. March 26 is only days away. Thus far, we’ve received 27 applications for Summer of Code projects. Frankly, there aren’t very many good ones. This is good news for students because it means … Continue reading

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The Eclipse Workbench: Views, Editors and Perspectives

It’s time to continue with my ongoing series based on a list of “Ten Reasons to Use Eclipse” crafted in the Eclipse 2.0 timeframe. Before we get to reason #5, I have to admit that I’ve been carefully referring to … Continue reading

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Vista Calendar looks sweet in SWT

Check out this screenshot of SWT running the Windows Vista calendar control. I like what they’ve done; clearly Microsoft has done their homework. The best part is that with SWT, you can use this widget today.

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