Google Summer of Code: Do it now

The student application deadline is approaching quickly. March 26 is only days away.

Thus far, we’ve received 27 applications for Summer of Code projects. Frankly, there aren’t very many good ones. This is good news for students because it means that there will a really good chance that you’ll be accepted if you put a little effort into your application. Make sure that you give us enough information: we need to know what it is that you’re planning to accomplish with your time (and Google’s money) this summer. This isn’t the time for vague descriptions. Be specific. Also, be realistic. What do you honestly think that you can accomplish with the time allowed?

Time is running short. Get your project proposals in. Do it now. That term paper can wait. The time you waste studying for your exams now is time that you could be spending putting together a rock-solid proposal.

Information about Eclipse participation in Google’s Summer of Code can be found here. We’ve even thrown together some project ideas here. You don’t have to take our ideas. Make something up. Surprise us. Then go study for that exam.

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