Show Logical Structure

I love how I continue to discover new things in Eclipse.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon “Show Logical Structure” . This is a feature that has been around since the 3.1 days (I believe it was introduced with 3.1M4). It turns the “Variables” view (normally part of the “Debugging” persective) from this:

Into this:

When I’m debugging something, I normally don’t care too much about the internal representation of an ArrayList. With “Show Logical Structure” turned on, the list manifests as an array which is far more useful. Other structures are handled by the feature, and it’s possible to create your own logical structure mappings for other types.

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4 Responses to Show Logical Structure

  1. Curtis says:

    It is also possible (and not very difficult) to create your own logical structures for java variables.Use the Java Logical Structures Preference Page (Java > Debug > Logical Structures).Go debug team.

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