Looking Good on Vista

I added this image of Eclipse 3.3M6 running on Windows Vista to the Eclipse Screenshots page. In the process, I’ve started to revamp the page. I’m thinking it’s a little too cluttered: less is more, right?

Right. The image…

It looks pretty good. It looks as Vista as everything else on my desktop. To be honest, I find the whole see-through trim thing around the windows pretty cool, but after about 15 seconds, not all that interesting. Still, Eclipse looks right at home on Vista.

The SWT team has been doing some great work getting SWT ready for Vista. They’re building a whole new implementation of SWT on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). You can download native WPF versions of the latest and greatest builds of Eclipse 3.3 right now. The implementation is almost complete. One thing that I’ve noticed is missing is drag and drop support. This is coming, it just hasn’t been implemented yet.

As far as I am aware, Eclipse 3.3 should end up being one of the first native WPF applications available when it is released in June as part of the Europa release train. By extension, that means that pretty much every (let’s say 95%) of the Eclipse RCP applications out there are also among that first wave of native WPF applications.

It’s been a great month for me hardware/platform-wise. In addition to this new 64-bit AMD box running Windows Vista, I’ve scavenged another slightly used box and have installed Debian Linux. So far, I’m pretty impressed with the user experience; it goes a long way toward making Linux really easy to use. Unfortunately, I apparently still need to remember the syntax for that darned mount command. Now how is it that I specify the user id again…

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3 Responses to Looking Good on Vista

  1. Denis Roy says:

    Removing the EclipseCON graphic would be a good thing 🙂

  2. Nick says:

    I know you’ve already found your mount syntax answer, but just FYI… If you use Konqueror, you can use the man:/ protocol to search manpages, eg., man:/mount. You can also use the build-in shortcuts like “ggl:” to do a Google I’m Feeling Lucky search, eg. ggl:linux manual mount. If you don’t use Konqueror… well, there’s commandline and straight Google searches too. 😉

  3. Trace Windham says:

    One of the guys on my team has been charged with trying run our current RCP application which was created using 3.2.1 in the new 3.3 RC2 environment.Here’s what he sent me today. What we’re seeing is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exceptions when our plugin attempts to load a class from another plugin. These classes load fine under 3.2.1. We’ve double-checked the exports of the packages in the referenced plugins and also ensured that the referenced plugins are imported. Everything looks normal. I can comment out a class reference and it will just run to the next external reference and that one will fail. Not sure what to look for. Perhaps something having to do with plugin versions. Any ideas?If you’ve seen this before, I think it would make a great entry on your hints, tips, and random musings blog. I guess that’s a sneaky way of asking you to help us out yet again. If I’m over stepping my bounds here, just let me know, and I’ll quit bugging you with all these RCP questions.Thanks,

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