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My own Ubuntu Experiment

It seems that I’ve been reading a lot of “Ubuntu Experience” blog entries lately. I decided that, with the arrival of my new laptop, I’d do the same. I recently acquired a brand spanking new Dell Latitude D820 laptop. It’s … Continue reading

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Test First Development Using Eclipse

A few weeks ago, at Eclipse Forum Europe (EFE), I presented a talk titled “Test First Development Using Eclipse”. I’m doing the talk again, only this time in a webinar format. The webinar runs tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11h00 EDT (15h00 … Continue reading

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New Eclipse Resources

Qi Liang has authored an excellent article titled “Using the BIRT Chart Engine in Your Plug-in” that discusses how you can incorporate BIRT charts into your own applications. This article introduces the basic concepts of BIRT Chart Engine, explains what … Continue reading

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What is Eclipse?

Fairly frequently, I get questions from people asking me just what the heck Eclipse is. It’s difficult to understand what Eclipse is by looking at our website (though that’s something that’s changing—slowly). The problem is that Eclipse is actually pretty … Continue reading

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Duke, Duke, Duke

I arrived earlier today at JavaOne and I have to admit that I’m more confused than ever. Just what the heck is Duke anyway? He/it looks a lot like a tooth with a disturbing amount of decay below the gumline. … Continue reading

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Scaring Children with Your User Interface

If you’ve found the “Colors and Fonts” page in the Eclipse Workspace Preferences, then you already know that you can customize Eclipse to look as awful as you’d like. Or maybe you went different route and changed the colors and … Continue reading

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Podcast: Aaron Farr discusses Eclipse RCP

Aaron Farr is an Eclipse RCP expert who has worked on numerous Eclipse RCP applications for various organizations around the world. In this podcast, he discusses some of his experiences with Eclipse RCP. You can listen the podcast here. The … Continue reading

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