Duke, Duke, Duke

I arrived earlier today at JavaOne and I have to admit that I’m more confused than ever. Just what the heck is Duke anyway? He/it looks a lot like a tooth with a disturbing amount of decay below the gumline. I got a picture of me chatting briefly with Duke earlier today. I’ll post it later after I get access to a scanner. It did get me thinking about what an Eclipse mascot might look like. Any thoughts?

The Eclipse booth was packed today. When I arrived, there must have been fifty people lined up for SWAG. Folks just can’t get enough of the Eclipse t-shirts and hats. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to bring enough supply to meet the demand. I haven’t spotted them on eBay yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

I spent a lot of time talking with folks about In Harmony With Eclipse today. We’re giving out disks which feature Windows and Linux versions Eclipse 3.2.2 combined with Apache Harmony. Harmony, which recently released their first milestone build and is working toward a release, provides the engine upon with Eclipse runs. With Harmony, you don’t need to install a JRE, everything you need to run Eclipse is there. We’re offering the disk as an example of two great projects working together. We’re still at least a few months away from Harmony being ready for production, so this disk is a glimpse of the future.

My talk, TS-3774 Anatomy of an Eclipse RCP Application ended up being added to the programme (after previously being accepted as an “alternate” talk). I deliver the beauty tomorrow at 16h10 in Room 301. Room 301 is a little out of the way, so if you’re planning to attend, starting making your way over early.

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2 Responses to Duke, Duke, Duke

  1. Steve says:

    Puke, puke, puke?

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