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Camping out for Europa

At least one confused member of the Eclipse community spent an uncomfortable night camping outside the Eclipse Foundation offices in hopes of being the first to get a copy of the new fangled Eclipse packages. Unfortunately, this camper didn’t realise … Continue reading

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12 steps

My name is Wayne and I have a problem: I don’t really get IRC. That’s not to say that I don’t understand the technology. Heck, I even know a bunch of the more basic commands. I just have a really … Continue reading

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New Eclipse Corner Article

Today, we published Miguel Garcia’s article, “How to process OCL Abstract Syntax Trees“, on Eclipse Corner. The abstract states: The Model Development Tools Object Constraint Language (MDT OCL) project provides the building blocks for Model-Driven tools to weave OCL declarative … Continue reading

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On the road again…

I’m off to Germany next week for a fun-filled week of Eclipse-based excitement. With the arrival of Europa this week, next week is sure to be a great time to out with the people. The first event is a visit … Continue reading

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If I ever see this at EclipseCon…

…I may just lose it. I’ve had this darned picture—taken at JavaOne 2007—on my desk for a little more than a month. I keep looking at it and thinking that I should scan it, put it on my blog and … Continue reading

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Annotated Web Services in JBoss

I recently recorded a flash demo of the creation—using annotations—of a web service for JBoss 4.2 using a pre-release of the new Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (the work-in-progress landing page is here). You can find the demo here. … Continue reading

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SWT/Swing Integration

Today we published an article on Eclipse Corner titled, “SWT/Swing Integration”. This is a pretty important topic that is of great interest to a lot of folks. The article was written by Gordon Hirsch, based on some real world experience … Continue reading

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