Eclipse Persistence Project

I spent the last (you might say ‘better’) part of my day yesterday hanging out with some of my old friends at Oracle, trying to help them get their new Eclipse project up and running. The Eclipse Persistence Services project, which is affectionately known as “EclipseLink” is inheriting some awesome code from Oracle. EclipseLink will provide all sorts of persistence services; the project proposal lists a few of the mechanisms that EclipseLink will provide:

EclipseLink will provide support for a number of persistence standards including the Java Persistence API (JPA), Java API for XML Binding (JAXB), Java Connector Architecture (JCA), and Service Data Objects (SDO).

They also have some stuff that’s a lot more powerful (and flexible) than the standards listed.

The project is in the provisioning stage. It will (of course) have to incubate for a while. So long as the project follows the ‘incubation’ rules, it can benefit from the parallel IP process. This means, that the code will make it into the repository fairly quickly (after a license compatibility check is done), so you should be able to start playing with EclipseLink soon (you’ll have to install some Subversion plug-ins).

A couple of new blogs should soon be added to Planet Eclipse: the EclipseLink Team Blog, and Doug Clarke’s Java Persistence blog. The newsgroup is also ready for your questions.

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