On the road again…

I’m off to Germany next week for a fun-filled week of Eclipse-based excitement. With the arrival of Europa this week, next week is sure to be a great time to out with the people.

The first event is a visit on Tuesday evening to the Java User Group Cologne where I’ll be participating in what is billed as an “IDE Shoot out”. The agenda doesn’t feel much like a shoot out, but that’s what they wanted to call it. There will be representatives there from several Java IDEs who will be presenting on their various technologies, followed by a panel discussion. It all sounds to be set up as a nice exchange of ideas.

On Wednesday, I’ll be visiting with a few Eclipse member companies to discuss the sort of things they’re doing with Eclipse technologies. These kinds of visits are always fun as the companies in the Eclipse eco-system always seem to be able to impress and amaze me with the innovative ways they extend the software.

On Thursday, I’m presenting two talks at Java Forum Stuttgart. The first talk, Anatomy of an Eclipse RCP Application, is an updated version of the talk that I gave at JavaOne; this time, I’m planning to focus more on the architecture and less on the actual code. I’m a little nervous about the second talk, Task Focused Programming with Eclipse Mylyn (the abstract using the old name, ‘Mylar’), as this will be first time I’ve formally presented on the topic. Fortunately I’m arrogant enough to expect it to go well.

On Thursday night, I’m rushing off to Munich to attend one of Ralph’s celebrated stammtisches (stammtischae?). If you’re going to be in the area, please try attend (July 5 @ 19h30 at the Im Gruental restaurant in Munich).

On Friday, we’re visiting with some more Eclipse member companies, and then Ralph said something about needing a caddy…

If you’re going to be attending any of these events, drop me a note (wayne_at_eclipse_dot_org). I’d love to chat.

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