Camping out for Europa

Confused CamperAt least one confused member of the Eclipse community spent an uncomfortable night camping outside the Eclipse Foundation offices in hopes of being the first to get a copy of the new fangled Eclipse packages.

Unfortunately, this camper didn’t realise that we never use the front door, and it wasn’t until quite late in the morning that we noticed him. That, and we don’t really have anything like a CD to hand out. Maybe there’ll be cake later. Mmmmm, cake…

Eclipse Europa is available for download from the Eclipse Downloads page. Look for the new bundled packages which provide a leaner (and more complete) experience for Java Developers, Java EE Developers, and C/C++ Developers (Windows users should take a look at “CDT for Windows“) that includes more of the plug-ins that you need and excludes the stuff (like source code) that you don’t need. There’s also a package specifically for RCP/Plug-in Developers, and—of course—you can still get the most recent release from the Eclipse project.

The EPP project (and Markus in particular) has done a great job of getting these bundled packages out for us all to enjoy. You can just download them (I suppose that I could build you a disc if you really need/want one). Be sure to check out the member company distros; there’s a lot of cool stuff in there as well.

It’s probably time to go and wake up that camper

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4 Responses to Camping out for Europa

  1. At least it wasn’t that Greg Packer guy…

  2. Denis Roy says:

    Hillarious! The camper does look familiar, though.

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