My laptop took a tumble this morning. They guy sitting next to me on the flight jumped up, ripped open the hatch on the overhead bins and then jumped out of the way as my laptop (in the bag) tumbled down to the floor. It hit the seat on the way day (narrowly avoiding my head). Fortunately, it seems to still work fine. In fact, I think it works better (the suspend feature that wasn’t working properly before the tumbling run seems to be okay now).

I gave a presentation to the JUGC (Java Users Group Cologne) on Eclipse. I spent about half of the talk delivering my “What is Eclipse?” talk (I’ll post the slides on sometime after I get home), and the other half demonstrating Mylyn. Have I mentioned lately that I really like Mylyn? On Thursday, I’m presenting on Eclipse RCP and Mylyn at the Java Forum Stuttgart. I hope to see you there.

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  1. Have you had a chance to post your presentation to I don’t see tha its out there.

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