The Remote Systems View Totally Rocks

I’ve been doing a little work on a problem that we’ve been having with our WordPress implementation at The problem is that file uploads don’t work. That is, you currently can’t upload useful things like pictures to make your blog entries all pretty and stuff. I finally managed to sneak a peek at the logs which pointed me to the point in the code that causing the problem. It’s down deep in some PHP code.

The WordPress implementation isn’t like the other parts of the website I work on: it’s not in CVS, and is therefore a little harder to get at. That said, it’s a little harder, but Eclipse—of course—steps up and makes it just a little easier.

I’m using the Remote Systems view (provided by the DSDP TM project and available on the Europa Update Site) to browse via SFTP into the server. From there, I navigate to the file I need to edit, and double click which automatically downloads the file and opens a PHP editor (provided by the PDT). In the editor, I make the necessary changes and save which writes the changes back to the server. No muss, no fuss. It’s just done.

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