Europa Reviews Contest Results

The Eclipse Europa Reviews Contest results are in. I know that we promised three winners, but we decided in the end that there needed to be four. There were so many submissions in many different languages; it was hard to narrow the selection down to just four. I blogged previously about the selection process that the esteemed judges followed in the selection process.

Fruit HatThe grand prize winner is BGE’s Killer Blog… of Justice. The judges all agreed on one critical point: we like the fruit hat. We also appreciate the fact that he’s very clear about having written the blog to win an Eclipse T-shirt. The review is both positive and negative about his Europa experience. The review is good: it hits just the right amount of detail to learn what Europa is and what it can do for you. For his first-place finish, Benoit Goudreault-Emond wins some Eclipse swag and a free (but non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable, yadda, yadda, yadda,…) pass to either Eclipse Summit Europe (ESE) 2007 or EclipseCon 2008. Sorry Benoit, travel is not included…

In second place, Leaving Callisto and all Aboard for Europa is well-structured and very articulate. The author, Ron Charron, touches on areas he’s concerned with (primarly Model-Driven Design) and makes several excellent arguments in favor of Europa. In third place, Europa, My Top 10 List by Ian Bull is an enjoyable read. The best part of this article is that it makes the reader curious enough to download Europa and see what he’s talking about. In fourth place, Chris Aniszczyk’s A whirlwind tour of Eclipse Europa is succinct, informative and gets the reader interested. It’s a long article with a lot of content covering all of the projects in Europa.

Congratulations to the winners. Lynn will be sending out your prizes shortly (if she hasn’t already). Given that Chris already has enough Eclipse swag to clothe a small country, we may opt to donate his prize to charity…

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  1. Nick Edgar says:

    Hey, speaking of embarrassing pics, where’s your man-tastic topless shot? Your about link just mumbles something about WordPress.

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